Thursday, October 21, 2010


  Hercules was always one of my favorite movies growing up. I love the story of a boy who has fallen from godhood to become an average Joe, who then realizes his potential; he could become a god. Over the years I've come to realize, and understand that every single one of us our God's children, and we all have the opportunity to become gods, and goddesses.
 One thing that I've often thought long and hard about in relation to Hercules is that throughout all of Hercules' life he works hard doing everything he thought would make him a god. He goes up against all the evils of the world, flaunting his strength, and helping people but in the end its not until he is willing to die for someone he loves that he attains the title of god. 
  All of us are children of Heavenly Father. We too are promised the opportunity to become gods, and goddesses, but its not until we are willing to give up our lives for those we love that we are given that blessing. In John 15:13 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." We know that Christ is the greatest example to all of us. Its only when we become like him that we can then obtain the promised blessings, in Romans 8: 17, of becoming "joint- heirs with Christ" . If we all start today laying down our lives for our friends by; serving them, showing them we love, and caring for them. Then are we on the path to receiving our inheritance.

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